Monday, 17 October 2011

Schools viewed, ds walks and dd behaves!

Well I am pleased to report that 'tough mummy' worked and dd has finally started eating properly.  Well as properly as 4 year olds go.  Twas upsetting at the time though.  Trying to eat as a family seems to have helped - but the practicalities of life don't always make this possible.  Ds took his first little step yesterday at a kids party - there will be no stopping him now!  Well it was a bit of a strange kids party - it was mostly our original antenatal group only the kids don't all regularly play together so not many of them really knew each other.  DD and one of the other girls were fighting over one of the little boys.  Her friend had a meltdown when she couldn't sit next to him.  Honestly they start too young!!!!!
Viewed 2 schools last week, both good/outstanding ofsted but one was one of these 'open plan' schools.  Not sure what I think of them really, I suspect it's a fad but not heard good things about this approach.  Does anyone have any thoughts? Don't be shy, let me know :-)

Website busy at the moment so please keep logging on :-)

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