Sunday, 9 October 2011

DD turns 4

Hi, well we've had a very hectic week. DD finally turned 4 this week, after a week of whining every morning "Why am I not 4 yet, all my friends are 4".  Honestly she's been a little....challenging this week shall we say, I must admit I've breathed a sigh of relief when I've got to work and can 'relax' a wee bit!!!  Anyway, we had a lovely day on her actual birthday, took the day off and went to the Space Museum.  It was nearly a disaster as she took some convincing that she wasn't going to actual space, but we all enjoyed it in the end, especially when she found out how astronauts go to the toilet in space!!  Anyway she had her party today at the local soft play centre, definitely the way forward, ie no organising for me other than sending out the invitations.  And my dad was there to help look after ds.  All went well, none of the kids had meltdowns (apart from dd when she didn't win any sweets in pass the parcel) and we now have a house full of presents.  DD seems to be liking her new balance bike today (bought in neutral colours so ds can use it in years to come....customised with a hello kitty sticker!) and starting to get the hang of it.  Hope they both sleep well tonight....

Been busy with the website this week too, time for a rest, put my feet up and watch the X factor!!!

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