Saturday, 22 October 2011

I am SO TIRED!!!!!! And need to sort out Xmas, more birthdays etc......

Not for any reason in particular....just so tiring being a working mum!!!!! Dh is shattered too of course.  If each of them wake up once in the night, and ds has taken to waking up at 5am lately for his early bottle, then that's the night basically gone, it's hard to get back to sleep and the quality of sleep isn't great.  Even Boots' eye bag removal stick isn't working!!!!  (Eyebags are the size of suitcases mind you)  Thank God for M&S ready meals.

Got to sort out what we're doing for Xmas, spent the last 2 at the in-laws but it's not fair on my parents I guess.  Could squash everyone at ours but will need some extra folding tables, luckily we live near IKEA!!!!  You can't win can you.  This weekend, one christening and one kiddies party.  Need to sort out ds's two parties, one with the antenatal group next week then one with the family.  AAAAAAARGH
Off to a friends' tonight, hopefully some light relief.  Or may just fall asleep.

More interest from good!!!!

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