Wednesday, 12 October 2011

DD refuses to eat....

AAAARGH dd is now refusing to eat.   Twice in a row I've come back from work, given her and ds some lovely homemade soup (it really is nice!) and she's had a full scale meltdown and gone to bed hungry.  Feel awful about it.  But everyone keeps saying "Don't give in" - else I'll end up with a really fussy eater who knows if she whinges enough she'll get what she wants.  Had a nice Chinese with some mum friends from my first antenatal group....who know exactly what I'm going through.   Ds is bouncing around quite happily though.  Photoshoot at nursery today, only nobody told us.  DH took dd in with her hair everywhere and an old t-shirt, and ds was in a second-hand pyjama top and 3-6 mth trousers.  Not a good look.  Never mind!!!!!

Did a bit of work on my website now it's time for bed, good night.  I am delighted that more of you are clicking on here.  Don't be shy you lot, sign on to be a follower or add your comments!!!! :-)

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