Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween fun, feeling wrecked.....coming out of the other side!

Urrgh have felt totally wrecked this week, just starting to feel human again!  Think it's due to all the getting up at 5am for ds' bottle (even if dh gets up...I'm still awake and there's no going back to sleep at 5am let's face it).  And if ds sleeps through, dd decides to wake up "can you put my blanket back on"  "I might need a poo", yeah great!  Halloween went well, took the kids to meet friends at the soft play centre, they had a party on which went well, dd was actually not scared of the big giant Peppa Pig for the first time ever, well only a bit scared, and ate her own body weight in sweets.  We went to the dentist in the afternoon....after lots of scrubbing of the green tongue!!!!!  Dh took her out for her first ever trick or treating which was great, she overcame any shyness in the name of sweets and did very well! Ds was so excited he puked....even the trick or treaters commented on how messy our lounge is oh dear.  Am attempting to make ds a birthday cake, this is not looking professional.....

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