Wednesday, 28 September 2011

DD learns to swim

Well I am pleased to report that dd has finally learnt to swim, just before her 4th birthday! Now this might sound quite young, and I am definitely not being one of those 'competitive mums' (who I hate!) - but this is after weekly lessons since the age of 4 months, through baby swimming classes such as Aqua babies and Puddle ducks and the lessons at my local gym.  I decided to get her swimming early as my husband had a fear of water from a young age (finally learning to swim at 37!!!) and I wanted her to always be water confident and safe.  However it has not been an easy journey - at the age of about 2 she decided she didn't want to follow the lessons and either did the opposite of what she was being asked to do, or else threw a tantrum! I think they also suddenly become aware that actually you can sink in water....and it becomes scary for a short time.  I stuck with it though, and changed her to lessons where she could be independent (ie not with parents in the water) and she came out the other side, regained her confidence and we finally persuaded her to let go and swim (with me walking backwards very slowly...) The swim discs helped gain her confidence too - going from 2 to 1 now none!  If anyone wants to know more about my experiences please get in touch.

Am absolutely shattered, ds decided to wake up at 5 today, down his bottle and a giant bowl of porridge and half a banana, throw some of it back up and then go to sleep....all by half 6. Great.  Then had a full day at work, aaargh! At least my website is still doing well, the breastfeeding covers are really popular!

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