Monday, 19 September 2011

Crazy kids at playgroup and confusing school aplications

Hi, this is my first post! My day off today - took my two kids (dd nearly 4, ds nearly1) to our local Surestart but honestly, all the kids were wild today, don't know what got into them. DD had to have a bit of a sit on the naughty step when we got back.  Been looking into applying for schools, seems like they don't release the open day dates until you 'register an interest', what's that about?! Made gingerbread shapes with dd which seemed to calm her down, ds spent the afternoon crawling round and refusing to sleep, I don't care as long as he sleeps at night! Hectic evening sorting out the slow cooker food for tomorrow and butties etc - back to work in the morning.
Website still doing ok - lots of mums starting to click on now (hurrah!)

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